Waiting for the great explosion of the debt

It’s just a matter of picking up the popcorn and waiting seated because the show dear friends will arrive sooner or later. We are not referring to the explosion of the great Good Finance, and we are not referring to a stellar

Good Finance but to a begotten on planet Earth whose size has already reached 10 billion dollars and does not stop growing.

This is how Sean Cole defined the debt Good Finance that will explode in our noses.


“When a star reaches the end of its life, there is an explosion of such caliber that matter is expelled at speeds of up to 30,000 kilometers per second and the energy it gives off can illuminate an entire galaxy, remaining visible for years. It is what is known as a Good Finance. ”

Debt market


This is how Sean Cole has shaped the virulence that could reach the outbreak of what is probably the biggest bubble in the history of planet earth and that, is being generated in the debt market.

“Global returns at their lowest levels in 500 years of recorded history. Ten billion dollars of bonds with negative rates. This is a Good Finance that will explode one day. ”

Do not seek protection. The day this happens will destroy everything and is an inevitable catastrophe. Relax, grab the popcorn and enjoy the show produced in 3D by our beloved Honest Banks.



German 10-year bond about to enter negative returns

Japanese bond at 20 years, I repeat at 20 years. About to enter negative returns:

And don’t leave yet. Swiss bond at 30 years. About to enter negative profitability.

The day that returns are normalized, there will be no bank, investment fund, pension company or insurer that is alive. Not that I have become melancholic but it seemed like a jewel.

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